Premium line bakeware designed with style, comfort, and safety in mind.

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gift-ready packaging


locally owned

recyclable package

bpa free

Family owned

100% siliconeprime™

food safe

hassle-free warranty

heavy duty and durable

non-stick surface

made of genuine siliconeprime™

Our bakeware features siliconePRIME™ technology, a silicone designed for quality, safety, and durability that has no chemical odor* or plastic fillers. It is compliant with strict European standards, which highly exceed FDA standards, so you can be confident in the tools you use in your kitchen.

*in comparison to FDA grade silicone

no sticking

Our bakeware's even heat distribution and mirror-smooth surface will make it so you can easily enjoy the aroma of fresh cakes, muffins, cookies, and so much more.

environmentally friendly

Our mats replace parchment paper and allows you to positively impact the environment.

flexible and robust

Our bakeware is made from pure silicone, which is flexible, while boasting an extra-thick parts, allowing for convenient, fast, even cooking.