Frequently Asked Questions

It's all about quality of products and the material they are made of (silicone). Our specialization and size allows us to maintain a consistent product orientation when compared to large (corporate) competitors.

Yes, we are locally and family owned business located in the USA.

We are constantly working on the non-stick properties of our products so that your baked goods do not stick to all types of dough and recipes without greasing. If it happened to your constellation try this trick: before pouring the dough, rinse the pan with cold water and just shake it, do not dry it.

Since we are asked this question very often, we have specially created a separate page on this topic: SiliconePRIME™.

In general, we place emphasis on long service life in the development of our products. But our products also open up great opportunities in the afterlife. Depending on the product, it can be used as a shelf, pad, pot, soap mold, casting mold, etc. But yes, there are many methods for recycling of silicone correctly and almost completely.

Our bakeware helps you avoid the use of disposable items such as baking paper, aluminum foil and paper liners. These disposable utensils are a multi-component products made up of paper layers of Teflon and wax, so they are not environmentally friendly/sustainable or recyclable.

Yes, our silicone bakeware is harmless. It is food safe, BPA free and heat resistant.

Our silicone bakeware and silicone baking mats are designed primarily for baking. They have a very smooth surface, which initially prevents them from sticking, initially there should be no persistent stains on the outside.

Discoloration or stains appear when cooking very greasy or oily food, when the maximum temperature is exceeded, with special spices, or a combination of these and other factors. It is also possible that other products (such as berries) not listed can cause discoloration.

But don't worry. Discoloration caused by grease and food is only an external fault and does not in any way affect its function or longevity.

This is due to the nature of flexible silicone and, at the same time, to the density of saturated fatty acids in our dishes, as well as in other specific foods. At high temperatures, the density of saturated fatty acids is higher than that of silicone, which expands when heated. Under these conditions, it can happen that isolated high-density molecules seep into the silicone and leave discoloration. Once the silicone has cooled, this discoloration first stays under the surface of your pan or mat, and after washing; however, the surface can become sparkling clean back again after the several washes.

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Remember your Cook'n'Chic® products are warranted only against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of original retail purchase. For more information about please visit our dedicated warranty page.

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