Cook'n'Chic®'s silicone bakeware is of the highest quality. We always follow high quality standards, from the choice of materials to the manufacturing process and finished products.

silicone is made from natural raw materials

The raw material, silicon, is extracted from sand and rocks, one of the most abundant elements on Earth. In subsequent stages, silicon is converted to silanes and then to crude silicone before further purification. Thanks to many years of experience and numerous testing attempts, we now have platinum silicone at hand, which, thanks to the specially selected material properties, is the ideal material for baking.

100% siliconeprime™

We use only 100% high purity platinum silicone for production. No organic stabilizers, organic plasticizers or promoters are used. High use of materials and thoughtful design guarantee durability and maximum functionality.

quality production is the key

Natural materials, strict adherence to all production processes and regular strict controls by independent testing institutes guarantee the highest safety standards and first-class consistent quality.

manufacturing process ensures that our bakeware is odorless and food safe

I. Raw material selection

Quartz found in sand, rocks and clay is decomposed into its constituents in a smelting furnace. The silicon stone that is released during the process is the basis for the production of silicone. In an intermediate step, it is converted to silanes at 572°F and then hydrolyzed to raw silicone.

II. Finishing Process

Now liquid and greasy silicone is moistened with platinum in the right quantities. As a result, at the next stage, it becomes more stable, acquires the necessary strength and at the same time remains more durable and does not decay. For coloring, special (vegan) pigment-containing color pastes are used.

III. Shaping

The platinum-wetted silicone is pressed in a high temperature compression molding press and hardened (vulcanized) into the appropriate product shape and with the desired silicone properties. Optionally, smaller products are given their final shape using injection molding technology.

IV. Tempering Process

Finally, each of our baking pans is baked in a blast furnace for 4-6 hours at ~428°F. After that, they are free of volatile organic components and are ready for immediate use. Unfortunately, many manufacturers often overlook this time-consuming production step for cost reasons.

Unique properties

dishwasher safe

oven safe

microwave safe

FROM -40ºF TO +446ºF

heavy-duty and durable