Tips on Baking with Silicone Molds

With the latest technological advancements, modern bakers are able to create masterful pastries. Using silicone baking molds is the next step in creating professional, delicious loaves of bread and desserts. These molds can be used for many different types of cooking including cookies or cakes from scratch without having to worry about sticking pans! Some people have embraced this newest line of bakeware products while others remain skeptical and resistant - however, there is no longer an excuse for not knowing how to bake using silicone molds! This article will show you tips & tricks which will enhance your skills when using these wonderful cooking tools.

The Advantages Of A Silicone Baking Mold

Do you love to bake but don't have the time to spend in the kitchen? Do you hate having to clean up after baking? If so, then a silicone mold is an excellent tool for you. It offers total control in making your favorite pastry, which can be enjoyed at any time of day or night with its convenient design! These molds do not rust like many other metal products on the market today - they're durable enough to last through many washes while still looking new years after their purchase date; nowadays people want something reliable without breaking our budget too much. 

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You can find silicone molds in all shapes and sizes, from simple cookie-cutter shapes to more complex designs. The variety is overwhelming! But don't let that discourage you from buying one; each brand has its own style which will be perfect for what type of baked goods you prefer to cook. Let’s take a look at the silicone molds' advantages in the kitchen:

  • Silicone molds are non-stick, so they don’t need to be greased or oiled.
  • Silicone molds don’t rust or stain.
  • Unlike aluminum-steel pans, silicone molds have no burnt bottom and edges which can affect the appearance of baking goods.
  • Silicone molds make removal quick and easy so you can get on with other tasks like cleaning up or frosting the cake! With one gentle push, your baked goods pop right out.
  • They are oven, freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe.
  • These lightweight and durable molds can be thrown in a purse or backpack without worry.
  • They are easy to clean. It makes them the perfect choice for busy bakers!

Silicone baking molds are a great way to revolutionize the process of preparing food. They're easy and efficient, making them perfect for any household with an active baker! The benefits listed above prove it easily - you won't have hassle when cleaning up after yourself since there's no need in greasing or flouring anything up beforehand; You can take them with you wherever your heart desires - whether that's at home or on vacation;  And lastly…you save money by using silicone instead metal ones which cost more both financially speaking and environmentally too.

Tips When Using A Silicone Mold For Baking

Choose wisely

You can purchase specially shaped silicone molds that will help you make interesting and creative shapes of cake. They may look cute, but I recommend staying away from them. How to use a silicone cake mold like that if they typically only come in small sizes which don't cover the amount needed for a typical recipe's worth of batter- you'll either need to buy multiple copies or bake tons upon batches! 

Creative serving containers

What else to use silicone molds for? Take your party platters to the next level by using silicone baking cups! They're perfect for holding small snacks like jellybeans, nuts, and candies. In addition, they make great serving utensils that will fancy up any dish served in them at home or on special occasions - especially if you pick fun colors like red, green & blue so all eyes can spot these nifty holders when browsing through a crowded table full of appetizers (I know I'm not alone here)! The best thing about this product is how eco-friendly it really is; what could be better than saving money and Mother Earth?

Make Sure Your Silicone Bakeware Is Actually Silicone

There are many different types of bakeware on the market, and not all of them are made from silicone. How can you bake with silicone molds if they are made of low-quality material? You can’t. Make sure that the “silicone” bakeware you are using is actually made from silicone before placing it in the oven. Silicone is a non-stick material, so baking goods like cupcakes or cake pops will come out easily without sticking to the mold. When shopping for silicone molds, you need to be careful. Adding fillers reduces manufacturing costs but sacrifices overall quality. To make sure you're getting good silicone, pinch it and twist it a bit. If there's no change in color then that means your silicone is pure! But if it turns white - it might contain fillers in it.

Check the recommended temperature

How to cook with silicone molds to get perfect results? Bake at the right temperature. When using a silicone mold, make sure to preheat your oven to the correct temperature before putting anything in it. Silicone can withstand high temperatures, but if you try to bake something at too low of a temperature, it will take longer to cook and may not turn out correctly. Also, different cups/pans may tolerate different temp ranges from -40 all the way up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. You'll want to check all your silicone items whether they can withstand these high or low heat levels.                        

Cool your silicone molds after baking

When you remove your silicone mold from the oven, leave it for at least 10 minutes. Allow the biscuit to cool completely before attempting to remove it from the mold. This will lower its temperature and allow it to unstick more easily than if handled immediately upon removal. When I’m in a little bit of a hurry to serve my baked cake I always place a wet towel underneath my silicone mold. It makes the mold cool much faster.

Make Some Frozen Desserts

Most freezers reach temperatures from 0 to almost -18 degrees Fahrenheit. Many silicone molds are designed for temperatures up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, so with the help of these durable and long-lasting materials, you can now enjoy your own variety of classic ice cream or yogurt too!

Pudding is everyone's favorite dessert. If you have been wondering how to use silicone molds for cupcakes to make such a dessert, then this example is what you were looking for! Now you can make it at home! Cook'n'Chic®’s Silicone 12-Cup Muffin Pan is the perfect tool. The flexible, high-quality silicone guarantees excellent results! Place it in the fridge for 2 hours or freezer for 20 minutes; You’ll get perfect cold pudding for your guests :)

You may also transform your favorite dessert into a refreshing treat by adding some Popsicle sticks to create frozen pudding popsicles. You can also make these using jello instead of pudding if you prefer! Be creative by experimenting with different recipes, make yummy frozen treats during any warm-weather event!

Soak Your Silicone Bakeware for Easy Cleaning

We all know that cooking with silicone molds and pans is fun, but what you might not realize is how quickly they can accumulate grease. To avoid having to scrub your dirty dishes just because there was some spilled oil during baking time, don't put off cleaning later than 30 minutes and follow these easy steps:

  • Toss the cups, pans into warm, soapy water immediately after use.
  • Let them soak for at least 30 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly before air drying to prevent any stains.
  • Give the cups an additional wipe with a damp cloth, mainly if you used them to make savory muffins since they may still have some grease on them.
  • Your silicone bakeware is now ready for another round of cooking with you!


Baking in silicone molds is a great way to make delicious treats without having to worry about greasing or cooking spray. A silicone baking mold is a great alternative to traditional metal and ceramic baking pans. They are flexible, non-stick, and easy to clean. By following these tips, you can ensure that your baked goods come out perfectly every time! Happy baking!

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